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Greg likes to say his purpose
in performing is to “Give the gift of my aura—
when you’re as talented and gifted in so many ways as
I am, and such a naturally generous person, how can I be
selfish? I love to provide others with the joy of me.” Greg’s
meteoric rise to his unexplainable and debauched sort of rock n’
roll fame began at the mall when he was six years old. He heard
Dan Folgelberg (many claim it was Neil Diamond) on Muzak, and
spontaneously broke into song (though a different song entirely;
some say the words Greg sang that fateful day later became his
smash hit ‘To Know Greg Is To Love Greg.’) “It just welled up
inside me. Women started ripping their clothes off. The men
began to riot. It was clear my singing – and my powerfully
sexual presence – were having this effect.” The rest is,
as they say, history, most likely to be soon forgotten.
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